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Gay tourism is a form of niche tourism marketed to, gay people; Such a trip is known as a gaycation. As an industry it has some substantial maturity, and includes such specialists as travel agents, tour companies, cruise lines and travel advertising and promotions companies who market these destinations to the gay community.

London’s Gay and Lesbian scene has really developed over the last five years, and the homophobic attitudes of old are slowly evaporating. The Gay scene in London is quite staggering. It really is a community, with gay restaurants, gay barbers, gay clothing shops, gay bars etc.

Gay travel and hotel destinations are often large cities, although not exclusively, and often coincide with the existence of gay neighborhoods. These municipalities and their tourism bureaus often work actively to develop their reputations as places for gays to travel to, commonly by aligning themselves to local gay organizations. Travel analysts state that the existence of a core gay friendly population is often the primary catalyst for the development of a gay-friendly tourist destination.


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Gay tourism or gay-friendly places

Gay tourism might also coincide with special gay events such as annual gay pride parades, gay neighborhood festivals and such gay community gatherings as gay chorus festivals and concerts, gay square dance conventions, gay sports meets such as Gay Games, World Out games or Euro games and conferences of national and international gay organizations. Gay tourism blossoms during these peak periods. Most hotels go absolutely full too.

Gay Hotels are also known as gay owned and operated hotels. Gay-Friendly Hotels are those properties which are not owned by gay individuals, but are gay-friendly in that they are aware of the needs of gay travellers and are open to actively welcoming them to their properties. The internet is the leading resource for gay and lesbian travellers, committed to helping one research, select and book your special vacation.

Many a gay travel guide book and travel magazine are joint and displayed on the internet, by those database one can  see comprehensive information on more than 1000 gay owned and operated hotels, B & B and gay-friendly places to stay. One can either send an email or call the property directly to get more information or to request a reservation.

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Want to support a state that still respects your right to marry?

It has been legal for same-sex couples to marry in the Bay State since 2004. In July, Massachusetts repealed an arcane law that had prohibited out-of-state couples from getting married there. Unfortunately, Proposition 8, which passed November 4, states that only a marriage between a man and a woman will be recognized in California, so you shouldn’t expect any legal rights when you return home after marrying in Massachusetts or Connecticut, which legalized gay marriage in October. But the press secretary for California Attorney General Jerry Brown, Christine Gasparac, told the Bay Area Reporter that the question of whether California would have to recognize out-of-state marriages would ultimately be an issue that the courts would likely decide.

Tourism officials in Massachusetts are embracing the state’s long-standing gay-friendly political climate and you should be hearing more about that soon. The state plans a promotional campaign to attract more LGBT visitors.

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Lidana latest operator to collapse after XL

Yet another specialist operator has collapsed following the unexpected demise of XL Leisure and its subsidiary XL Airways, leaving 200 holidaymakers stranded.

Gay operator Lidana – which traded as Respect Holidays and Wildwind Holidays – was forced to declare bankruptcy over the weekend after Atol called in a bond of more then £108,000.

Its failure comes on the heels of XL’s unexpected collapse two weeks ago, which left some 80,000 travellers stuck abroad and has heightened concerns over the state of the industry.

Around 46,000 XL passengers have now been repatriated, and while the numbers abroad with Lidana are far lower, Travel Mole reports that only half had flown out on Atol-protected packages.

An additional 1,000 or so holidaymakers have now had their forward bookings cancelled, prompting Andrew Roberts of Amro Worldwide to advise all travellers to ensure they are covered.

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Would you vacation in a “so gay” spot?

American gays and lesbians represent about 10 percent of the travel industry, and surveys have shown that the community travels more, stays longer and spends more while on vacation (in general) than their heterosexual counterparts. From a tourism standpoint alone, it makes sense to highlight locations that might appeal to such a lucrative group of travelers. If you Google “gay travel”, you’ll find numerous web sites direct you to travel agencies that do just that.

Miami Beach has designated gay beaches, and I see how cities like Atlanta, with its thriving gay and lesbian community, would be considered friendly to gay travelers. But what makes a place “so gay”? Is it activities targeted to the homosexual population, the number of gays and lesbians living there, or the general attitude toward homosexuals among the population?

If you are gay or lesbian, would you seek a “so gay” locale? Does that designation mean anything or would such a label impact your travel plans?
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Considering expanding family? Some information bites to assist you.

Going for parenthood is the next natural step to tying nuptial knot with your beloved. World is no different for you of course. Wanting to have a baby between you and your homosexual partner to feel more complete and united in matrimony is no more a far-fetched dream. All you need to do is some research into the subject, as to what all are the provisions of law in your country and how to go about them to make things feasible and eventually real.

Universal Adoption policy in Republic of Ireland and Hungary ensure that being gay does not even matter until the couple provide for a stable home for the child. Few of the countries that allow Gay couples to adopt are, Andorra, Belgium, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, the UK, some parts of Australia and USA; and Canada. In fact, most European countries allow adoption or some form of foster care to the community. Those residing in South Africa should not loose heart either. South Africa is one nation in Africa that allows gay adoption quite without hassles.

Gay adoptions are not a new concept. In the earlier days, gay adoptions were done under the garb of single parent adoptions, where the other parent acted as a room mate or something. However, the pretensions have fast faded with time with the community gotten stronger by mind and voice. It’s only a matter of time when the rest of the world will also realise the futility of denying the legal status of adoption to the LGBT families and the traditional fold of a family will give way to inclusion of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals families with equal aplomb and gusto.

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A recent survey rated New York City one among the most visited gay destinations on earth

There is no need to stretch your thoughts to understand why. People often describe New York as the hottest destination for fashion lovers. But the truth is that it is even a better place for gays and people who want to know about the gay society. New York is in fact described as “The Gay Capital” of this planet!

Knowing the fundamentals of Greenwich Village is a must if you want to comprehend the traditions related to gay culture in this part of the world. The village is better known as the home of gay and lesbian community of New York. The natives named it West Village. The finest gay tour to New York must include visits to West Village landmarks, like the residences of the great gay activist Bayard Rustin and the eminent lesbian writer Willa Cather. The visits will assist you in having a perfect notion of the gay history of New York.

West Village may be the most important destination for people in search of gay heritage, but the gay life is not just confined to this place. Some other dominant gay colonies have emerged in the East Village and the North Western part of New York. However, the North of West Village is known to host the most number of gay men.

You will have many other exquisite travel options like a visit to the Broadway musical, or a day out of watching melodramatic operas. But, the essence of traditional gay culture is predominantly found in the bars and clubs of New York.

The march starts from the 5th Avenue and then moves to the right towards the Greenwich Avenue. The very next destination for the march is Christopher Street, from where it proceeds in the direction of Greenwich Village. Greenwich Village or West Village has observed many of the most determining events of cultural reorganization and growth of the gay communities of New York.

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